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Carl Lindner

Scholar, Teacher, Writer


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I am a versatile writer, an excellent editor, and an expert educator with a strong desire create and learn. I also have extensive experience in online course development, multimedia production, technical writing, and document design, so if there is something you need, I would love to help!
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While I enjoy reading and writing, I am passionate about teaching. I believe learning is a continuous, life-long pursuit and helping others in that pursuit is deeply rewarding. In some sense, I also feel we have a duty to help others. Since so many taught so much to us, I feel we ought to at least pay the interest on what we have been given.


My objective as a teacher is to prepare students for their future. Our future is global, poly-vocal, and digital. So, I focus on training students in informational, digital, and media literacy, so they can contribute their voice to the diverse conversations shaping our world.

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I have taught over 50 tradition, hybrid, and online courses ranging from remedial composition to Technical Writing and British literature. While the theme and content of each class differs, I always aim to create courses that emphasize real-life application, problem solving, and reflection.

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To say “I am a teacher” is one thing. To teach others how to teach is quite another. A teacher is good not because they know the subject. They are good because they know how to teach that subject. So, I like to provide tips to help others improve their teaching, particularly if it is a common issue.

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Teachers always do more than teaching. Here's what I have been working on in my spare time.